Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

At work, there is a table where people often leave bags of treats, plates of cookies, and other edibles that they want to share with everyone. Today, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked past it on my way to the water cooler and noticed a bag printed with a picture of chocolate-covered pretzels.

Chocolate-covered pretzels, as it so happens, are one of my favorite things in the world.

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Writing Update

This week, I finished writing and inserting my new scenes. I’m now working on a master edit from start to finish to clean things up and make sure everything reads smoothly, makes sense, all the characters’ names have been changed, etc. This is the home stretch before I send this manuscript to my alpha readers […]

Tool of the Week: Toggl

Every so often, I’m going to post about a writing tool I’ve been using, how I’ve been using it, and why it works for me. I always like to read from other writers what tools and techniques they use. Since I’m still learning and probably always will be, I’m often trying out new apps, tricks, […]