one ring

convinced that Spotify is on a Lord of the Rings kick. This week they keep giving me Jared’s ads for Valentine’s Day, telling me to “buy her the one ring she’ll love forever.” I’m sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’ve been watching the LOTR extended editions for the past […]


I keep getting this spotify ad that always begins with “When you’re selling online, it’s exciting to see the orders rush in!” I always hear it as “When you’re selling online, it’s exciting to see the orcs rush in!” And every time, I think

Storytelling Superpower

Being a college graduate is major wish-fulfillment for me because I get to come home from work and write as much as I can instead of doing homework first, like I have done for pretty much my entire life. And it’s glorious. I get to read what I want (no modernism!). I get to write what […]

Writing Update

I had a great week this week and was able to finish not just my Boss villain round, but was also able to finish restructuring the final chapters and the revisions for my two subplots. SO, instead of being on revision round 5 like I thought I’d be, I’m now moving to an in-between sort […]