This week, I finished my master edit on the third draft of HYBRID!!! *happy dances* It feels so good to have finished a few drafts now. I have a much better feel for the story and for the characters than I did when I first started.

I also started writing a fantasy short story. This is new territory for me, because my ideas are usually better implemented as novels, not short stories. But I had the idea for this story a few weeks ago, and I thought it would just be so much fun to write. So I’m giving it a try. I have no idea what I’ll do with it when it’s finished. But it’s been a nice break for my brain, which has been in sci-fi mode for such a long time at this point.

Words edited (HYBRID): 35,571

Approximate manuscript word count (HYBRID): 62,000

Words written (short story): ??? I write all my first drafts by hand, so I don’t know how many words I have on the short story. Probably a couple thousand, if that.

Storytelling Superpower

Being a college graduate is major wish-fulfillment for me because I get to come home from work and write as much as I can instead of doing homework first, like I have done for pretty much my entire life. And it’s glorious. I get to read what I want (no modernism!). I get to write what I want (no papers!). And I love that I’ve been able to see myself make progress in my craft even in just the (almost) year since I graduated.

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I had a great week this week and was able to finish not just my Boss villain round, but was also able to finish restructuring the final chapters and the revisions for my two subplots. SO, instead of being on revision round 5 like I thought I’d be, I’m now moving to an in-between sort of stage where I’m drafting new scenes to flesh out some of the chapters that are more bare-bones.

Words edited this week: 6000

New words written this week: 3564

I am on fire!

Obligatory “Hello World!” Post

Welcome to my writing blog! I’m hoping this will be a space where I can post regular updates about my writing, things I’m learning along the way, and other things (like random stories). It’s a private website right now, but I’ll probably make it public in a few weeks. Since I’m not beginning this blog at the start of a new draft or WIP, I’ll note my current writing status here and then post weekly updates about how it’s going. Yeah. We’ll see how that goes. :p

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